Youthful, Fresh Pop from Hamburg

Germany’s music scene doesn’t only consist of Rammstein and Tokio Hotel–there is also a reputable indie music scene. Hamburg-based newcomer-band In Golden Tears is one of the most current examples. They’re a youthful, poppy dance band that’s very in-tune with the modern world of music, resulting in sold-out European shows and opening slots for bands like Future Islands, The Drums and The Vaccines. The year 2012 is looking even brighter; the band just announced another European tour, including a spot on the famous Sziget Festival in Hungary.

Urban Emotions,” In Golden Tears’ first single, was released almost a year ago on Berlin’s Humming Records. The label will release the band’s next single, “Underneath the Balance,” on April 20. Humming Records’ founder and manager of In Golden Tears Colin Lovrinovic says signing the band was a pretty quick decision:

The guys behind In Golden Tears are extremely gifted and I am sure they will come a long way. We first came across them when they supported our act Flashguns, and knew from the start that there was something special about them. After grabbing a few drinks with them that night and hanging out at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, that impression just grew on us. Classic story, I guess. No more than a few weeks later we decided to build up a management division and look after In Golden Tears.

THE BOMBER JACKET spoke with band members Patrick Behrens and Patrick Kowalewski about their highly anticipated debut record and what’s next.

TBJ: You guys must have been really busy lately, haven’t you? Tour, recording your singles, and now another big tour. Clearly it’s a full-time job. How’d you guys get started?

In Golden Tears: We formed the band in early 2011. Some of us were playing together in different band projects before. We, Patrick H.K. and Patrick B, met in high school several years before we started making music together. Later we met Mats at a party, and Robin and Max joined after we met them at a concert (we now have five musicians in the band).

Do you guys have day jobs outside of the band?

We’d love to make music full time but at the moment half of us are working in the music industry and the other half of the band is in college. Basically that means we’re all having two jobs but we’re really happy to be so busy right now.

Indie music these days isn’t the same as it was a couple of years ago. There are so many indie bands that it’s hard to keep up with every new band. What makes your sound different?

You know it’s pretty hard to find your own sound, but we believe we formed our own dark and melancholic sound combined with massive guitar riffs and deep and catchy lyrics. There is no comparable sound we’ve heard so far.

Your first single “Urban Emotions” was released last year. It was your first video shoot. What was it like?

When a friend of ours heard “Urban Emotions” for the first time, he immediately came up with the idea for the video. Because he was good friend, the shoot was pretty familiar and we were surprised of his talent as a video director. It was his first real music video and he was really in to it. So it all went pretty great!

What can fans expect from the new video for “Underneath the Balance”?

It’s going to be massive! Seriously. The video shoot is next on our to-do list. We will be shooting the video in our lovely hometown, Hamburg. We are really looking forward to it and we can’t wait to share this piece of art with our fans. The video will be out in early March.

You have quite a lot of tour experience. What do you prefer–playing festivals or gigs?

Everything from a small stage to a big festival stage has its own charm. The audience makes it special.

Best show yet?

Definitely one highlight was the Dockville Festival with a warm and personal atmosphere. We had a great audience!

Great Britain is the home of indie and post-punk music. What was it like to play gigs in the UK last year? Was it different than the ones in Germany?

We think people in UK are very open toward music. They are pretty honest. If they like what you do, they show it. Before the tour a lot of people told us that it’s hard to convince the audience in the UK, but after every show people came to us who couldn’t believe that a band from Germany came up with such a sound.

You’re a young band that’s had a lot of hype without having released a full-length album. There must be a lot of pressure on the outcome of the debut. How are you dealing with it?

We are at the very beginning of writing and recording our debut album. So far it’s been an exciting time for us but we can’t deny it’s also very stressful and hectic. However over the last year we have been getting used to working under a certain level of pressure and we are trying to stay focused on what’s next to do. For example we’re really looking forward to playing in the UK again in May or for the first time in Hungary at the Sziget Festival. We also used to do different kinds of sports to take our minds of things, but at the moment there really isn’t much time for that. You could say that we’ve turned into workaholics.

Is it difficult for you to write good songs in English?

As we’ve all been listening to English music since we were kids, that definitely makes it easier to write songs in English. We never had big problems during the songwriting sessions–hopefully people think the lyrics are as good as we believe they are.

How are you actually recording the full-length album? Where are you recording it?

At the moment we are pre-recording demo versions of our album tracks ourselves in our rehearsal room and studio. We are in talks with a few producers and will decide over the next few weeks where we are going to record our album and who we will record it with. But as far as we can say, we are planning to hit the studio some time in June or July.

Where are you headed next?

We have our next single released in April and our upcoming tour through Europe. So far we have announced 20 shows in the UK, Germany and Switzerland, and in Hungary at the amazing Sziget Festival. At least 20 new shows in a few more countries will be announced soon.