Speed Dating with KAKKMADDAFAKKA

People who don’t know the story behind the Norwegian band Kakkmaddafakka (pronounced Kahk-mah-dah-fahk-kah) might enter one of the band’s concerts and be taken aback by the spectacle, on and off the stage. Kakkmaddafakka’s crowd is young, loyal, and wild. They love everything about the band, and at any point in the night when one of the band members asks the crowd to do something–anything–they will do it, including joining the band on stage, jumping around, waving, singing, taking off their clothes…

Although Kakkmaddafakka is known for being particularly fond of young women (which is obvious in basically everything, like the band’s music videos, interviews, lyrics, and live concert footage), the band’s audience is pretty evenly split between men and women. This is because the band members (depending on what night it is, there could be as many as 12 people on stage) put on an amazing show and are very seriously dedicated to their music, despite their outward sarcastic tone that sometimes discourages listeners from taking them seriously.

Kakkmaddafakka exercises its humorous muscles off stage as well, such as in music videos. The video for the song “Restless” features the boys running around, training with hot girls at a gym. The entire video for “Your Girl” is just shot after shot of the guys making out with women until the song’s last note when lead singer Axel Vindenes wipes some smooch spit off his mouth.

Kakkmaddafakka’s main members are brothers Axel and Pål Vindenes as well as Jones Nielsen, Stian Sævig, Kristoffer van der Pas, Martin Sande, Lars Helmik Raaheim-Olsen, and Sverre Sande. All band members are classically trained musicians (this is very evident from live performances), and the band even has a section of accompanying backup singers who all happen to be men. The backup group sings and dances in unison while the four frontmen, Axel and Pål Vindenes, Nielsen, and Sævig, play their own instruments and trade off lead vocals. By the end of the night, all the guys are shirtless and sweaty, but they maintain the energy they had at the beginning of the night, sometimes even polishing off their set with a Beyoncé cover.

THE BOMBER JACKET spoke with the Vindenes brothers backstage after the band’s show in Berlin. Considering the band’s strong affinity for women, we decided to change things up and conduct a “speed dating” interview, instead of a typical band interview.

Watch the speed dating in action below:

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