Words for S ND Y P RL RS’s REX

A while back we profiled a new and upcoming musician/photographer in Berlin, S ND Y P RL  RS (Malte Cornelius Jantzen). The artist just released his latest work, a seven-track, sharp but droney, shoegazey record called REX (Umor Rex Records). When we spoke with him for the last article, Jantzen told us that the poppier sounds of his earlier album BRING DEATH TO S ND Y P RL RS were drawing to a close and that he was exploring more with new noises and darker drones.

REX is a smooth transition and introduction into the world of drone. The tracks all mesh together in a metallic pool of low tones, rusty strums, and high-pitched feedback, but they all still carry melody and even vocals from time to time.

Listeners who are familiar with Jantzen’s work know that he is a fantastic lyricist, but it is important to note that the lyrics in REX are diffused and cryptic, with layers of sound and more sound matted over them. It is for that reason that THE BOMBER JACKET decided to approach the review with a different kind of perspective. All of the tracks evoke a deep feeling of heavy nostalgia; it felt appropriate the define the album by the feelings it sparked.

The following are seven short poems inspired by the seven tracks on S ND Y P RL  RS’s album, REX.


Slow-motion love
Like everything could stop correctly
In its right place
Because we’re all moving too fast
You just frown, in your business phase
We watch the bombs fall with the rain


When they landed on Mars
We were eating at the diner
The astronauts cried out
“Look at what we did in space!”
Look at how our space program grows
As the white rich girl powders her nose
Because here, back on Earth
We’re all still alone
We will never change our ways
We’re magnetic to decay


If every movie, in order to
Make it
To the box office
Had to
Make us cry
Then every movie would be better
Not necessarily sad, but perhaps,
Raw with that sensitive thing
Like when I take sandpaper, lightly
To your neck
You see, with movies,
We connect


Where you go
When your troubled mind
Needs to rest
You caught a cold
Under the ocean’s breath


Jumping off the 20-story building
Remembering all of the hundreds of stories she told me
Like when she ate all the mochi
And got sick unintentionally
(She was always sick when I wasn’t there)
Will she remember when I’m gone?
It won’t be like this for long.


No ability to
Run out on the street and
Find you like you found me
One year ago
I’m sorry you lost me since then
I’m sorry I broke our promise
Your country pushed me out
So I pulled myself in
One year ago now,
Spitting on Berlin


Red lights surrounded the black tar
Vacant lots
That spot
Where we out-of-breath with sweat
Melted into the car seats
The man shouted out his window
We could see his mouth move
But the words just muted
The world just muted
When 20 minutes
Now seem like seconds
That was the last time




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