Maquina Supervium. It sounds like something from outer space, or some term the folks at NASA use to describe what happens to matter once it’s absorbed by a black hole. But no, in real life Maquina Supervium is a new [Bushwick] Brooklyn-based band that rocks hard and soft music, fast and slow…they’re a three-sided refreshing product of passion, hailing from far corners of the world and bringing their respective histories with them.

Frontman Jhedi Ayala started the band after writing some songs and asking around for reputable drummers. He found hardhitter Nikkie McLeod and the two practiced together and tested the waters with other potential members until they found Andrea Monorchio, a guitarist who Ayala deems an “incredibly inventive instrumentalist.”

Although the band is just a year old, Maquina Supervium has deep roots in the Brooklyn community. Ayala has worked hard to get to know other local bands over his last several years around Bushwick; he recorded the band’s debut album (out this fall) at Strange Weather and the band rehearses in a popular space for locals in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo.

THE BOMBER JACKET interviewed Ayala for the publication’s first FIRE ESCAPE interview, filmed in Bushwick. Watch the interview below and check out Maquina Supervium live at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium, Friday, October 12.


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