We Despise Lists, But Here’s A List of Our Favorite Artists at SXSW 2013

Jen Brown's blurry SXSW photo from 2010.

Jen Brown’s blurry SXSW photo from 2010.

It’s that time of year again! There are a million lists out there about the acts people should see in Austin at SXSW! We have a quick list of recommended artists IN ADDITION to SXSW habits/tendencies that you should kill before you end up having the roughest week of your life! Har har har. This list is an attempt to take things a little less seriously. We never write lists. Damn these lists!!!!

Without further ado…


-Don’t miss the Chuck Inglish organized “Sounds Like Fun Block Party” on March 14 and 15 from 12 to 11 p.m. Some of the most captivating young names in hip-hop will be taking the stage. The likes of Asher Roth, Chance the Rapper, A Trak, and Xaphoon Jones will be performing, as well as the allegedly broken up Cool Kids. Trust Chuck, this sounds like a fun time.

-Emperor X went to Austin not knowing he would play shows for SXSW. But of course he’d play shows for SXSW. This man is a fantastic live performer. See him on Tuesday, March 12 at Spider House at 12 p.m., 2908 Fruth Street, or Friday, March 15 at the Sound Dessert Showcase (friends of TBJ’s) at 12:45 p.m. at 301 West 6th (corner of Lavaca).

-How could we make this list and not include the revolutionary Shea Stadium? The kids are going down to Texas and will be hosting a party with Consequence of Sound on Wednesday, March 13. Go there. Do it. Palm Door is fun.

-Northern Spy and Tiny Mix Tapes are teaming up to give you a curated event at a beautiful local gallery/art space thing. We discovered this show by accident, and no one else should because everyone else should know about it already. Read more here and make sure to RSVP.

-Remember that time we reviewed the Glasgow band Holy Esque and we gave them a hard time for being a cliche hipster band? Well, the truth is, we like them a lot. We recommend their Wednesday night (not giving the numbered days anymore, just going to tell what you what night of the week things will be) at Latitude 30.

-Waxahatchee is the buzz name of the winter/spring season! What is Waxahatchee? A boy? A girl? A birl? A band? Who cares! She’s a radical writer and she will make you nostalgic! There are many opportunities to see her…the “official” SXSW show is Wednesday night at Holy Mountain.

-German guys who sound like they’re not German in a good way = Sizarr. They’re one of those bands that emits serious “taking over the world” power. You can feel their potential! You can see it in their eyes! They were big in Germany and playing huge shows before they even released a record. They’re young. They’re hot. Go see them. Iron Bear, Thursday night, 10 p.m.!

-Gregory Alan Isakov is a folk singer everyone needs to know. He’s such a talented songwriter. (Full disclosure: While Jen Brown was working a hard internship in Germany one year, she used to listen to his music everyday before work to de-stress and get focused!) We recommend seeing him Friday night at the CD Baby showcase.

Impose Magazine has a three-day showcase on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Those Impose guys are good people. Their showcases aren’t boring and you will learn about new bands who you otherwise wouldn’t have heard before. Read more.

-Kidnap Kid will make you dance, even if you’re not a dancer and you loathe dancing. This Englishman from Black Butter Records received accolades for his “Veil” release last year. He’s touring the U.S. right now supporting his latest single, “So Close.” Shit’s hot, son! Click here to learn more about his U.S. tour including his SXSW gigs.

-The guys from So Many Dynamos are returning to SXSW to bring some new tunes. They will be playing at a daytime showcase on Friday, brought to you by Daily Havoc. They’re on at 3:15 p.m.! We saw them a few years ago at Emo’s with Maps and Atlases. That was a good show.

Pretty & Nice will be our BFFs, truly for forever. Go to their show on Saturday at Six Lounge (319 Colorado Street). It is Sony Electronics’ Showcase. The band goes on at 11 p.m. We couldn’t find an event link for the show, but just go to the address and see why everyone says P&N is so good live. If you can’t go to that show, go to this one.

-BOY. That German pop band we covered a while back is making huge strides and playing a ton of shows at SXSW. BOY is two cool ladies, no boys. They both play instruments and sing. They’re both worth a listen. See a list of their shows here.

Exploding in Sound is working with some other cool music people to bring you a phat, free showcase all day Friday at The Grackle. Our favorites in the mix are So Cow, PAWS, Kal Marks, and California X. Your ears might explode from the sound, but you will be happy.

Fear of Men (we covered them recently) at the Kanine Records/Fatcat Records showcase on Thursday night. One of our favorite bands is playing at a showcase from two of our favorite labels, O-M-G! The poster is real cute! (We never write like this in normal articles, so we’re using to opportunity to do so now because this is just a list!) Anyway, check out this link for more details.


Pitchfork parties during the peak performer. Let’s face it: their shows will be sick. But do you want to be squeezed up next to someone, sweating your pits out? No! Go find another time to see your favorite major league hitter.

Procrastinating when RSVPing. RSVP early! Don’t be that kid who gets drunk and forgets what’s going on.

Trying to get a taxi late at night when everyone else is trying to get a ride home. Ugh, this is the worst. You will be drunk, alone, and sad. Research your bus route!!!

Drinking beer the whole week. What happens at SXSW stays at SXSW! Don’t bring a beer belly back with you! Alternate your drink choices! Har har.

Sleeping in too late because you were too drunk the night before. Don’t waste time at SXSW! These are not the days that you should be getting your beauty sleep.

Not making friends with the whole world in Austin. People from all around the globe will be packed into the downtown area of the city. Take advantage of that shit! And who knows, maybe you’ll have a downtown floor to crash on in the case that you’re otherwise commuting to a hotel on the outskirts.

Not bringing yo’ business cards. This is the opportune time to network! Get your shit together and bring those cards, or print some out if you haven’t yet, because this is the time of all times, OKAY?!

There are many more tips on how not to screw up your visit to Austin, but those are some of the major ones.

Now, go! Go out and seek pleasure and friendship and happiness through music!


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