Introducing Denmark’s Betting On The Mouse (Free Track Giveaway!)

Betting On The MouseMeet Betting On The Mouse, a musical project of Danish artist Martha Maria Skou. This four-piece group consists of Skou, Xian Foo, Jonathan Aardestrup and Kristian Haarløv, who self-released their March 15 self-titled debut album that they recorded in Berlin and Copenhagen. The 10-track album is a follow-up to the band’s 2011 BOTM EP.

Producing what they refer to as “melodramatic pop music,” Betting On The Mouse offers a darker edge to happy-go-lucky, everyday pop, offering an alternative sound for those who don’t immediately love pop music. Catchy and playful melodies accompany soft vocals and subtle instrumentals throughout the record, which is streamable in full on the band’s SoundCloud page.

Skou’s low, smoky, soulful voice and love-struck lyrics are mesmerizing. Instead of overpowering front vocals that are usually associated with pop bands, Betting On The Mouse uses soft vocals that yield an eerie feel to their album. Skou’s Danish accent is intensely endearing. “Hanging On,” Ride” and “Heart of Stone” are choice picks on the release, all showcasing the band’s signature sound. “One Lover” is the highlight and first single–it’s more upbeat than the rest of the record, however still consistent with the overall simplicity and organic nature that Skou and the band deliver. It’s a new and refreshing combo platter of soul mixed with pop music and gives the listener a better understanding of the range this band has to offer. Not only that but it is the type of song that just won’t seem to get out of your head.

We’re giving away the track “One Lover” for free on THE BOMBER JACKET. Download it through the SoundCloud widget here (click the down arrow on the right-hand side):

The video for “One Lover” captures this upbeat song perfectly. The song paints images of summer love in picturesque European cities, where you do nothing but drink by moonlight, finally enjoying yourself after a long, winter hibernation. Created Skou’s friends Jenna Mangulad and Eddie Klint, the video visually shows that writing this song was near and dear to the songwriter’s heart. Alas, the music video ends in heartbreak, like many summer romances do, as you see the devilishly handsome “lover” walk away into the sunset.


Since the album’s release date on March 15, BOTM played a small string of shows in cozy German music venues that led up to their album release party at PrivatClub. These small venues allow to listeners to get an even better, more personal perception of what this four-piece band is all about. Hopefully a tour in the U.S. will follow soon.


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