FOTOS: Low Fat Getting High, Ovlov, Geronimo!, Advaeta, and The Hot Flood

Low Fat Getting High @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

Low Fat Getting High at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

On Friday, April 12 in a small venue on Varet Street in Brooklyn, New York, better known as Big Snow Buffalo LodgeExploding in Sound hosted a showcase of loud and thumping sets from Low Fat Getting High, Ovlov, Geronimo!, Advaeta, and The Hot Flood.

Past a think cloud of cigarette smoke and incense came The Hot Flood, the indie rock duo from Westchester, NY, opening with their heavy and driving post-punk sound, setting the tone for the night’s lineup, followed by an uninhibited and rocking performance ADVAETA as the crowd continued to fill into the D.I.Y. space even as a storm brewed and poured over the city.

Geronimo!, hailing all the way from Chicago, and Ovlov, featuring their very sick bassist (see photo below) Jon Hartlett, are both signed to Exploding in Sound Records, delivering loud and energetic sets that had the crowd going right from the resonating fuzzy guitar riffs and the heavy pounding of drums that quickly sent ears ringing.

Rounding out the night was Low Fat Getting High, full of aggressive and noisy punk elements, sending the crowd shaking their heads to the beat of the pounding drums.

THE BOMBER JACKET was there to capture the lively action on and off the stage (all photos by Zaji Zabalerio):


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