FOTOS: Turnip King, Grand Resort, Sun Club, The Doozies and Girl Toy

The crowd incites a wild mosh pit at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge.

The crowd incites a wild mosh pit at Big Snow Buffalo Lodge.

On Friday, April 26 at Brooklyn, New York’s Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, the crowd’s electric energy through the night gave way to mosh pits. As Girl Toy, Washington D.C.’s The Doozies, Annapolis’ Sun Club, Brooklyn’s Grand Resort and Turnip King graced the stage, roaring sets ranging anywhere from garage punk to summery fuzz-pop to lo-fi shoegaze dominated the space.

The story of how the show came to be begins with a challenge from promoter Jordan Iannucci of JMC Aggregate: If any band beat him at a round of “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater,” he would book them a show. So when the Maryland teenagers of Sun Club went up to Brooklyn last June to try their hand at the challenge, an intense match and Iannucci’sĀ fumble on a final trick put Sun Club in the books as the first band to win the challenge.

THE BOMBER JACKET was there to document the show (all photos by Zaji Zabalerio):


Girl Toy (NY) 1 Girl Toy (NY) 2 Girl Toy (NY) 3 Girl Toy (NY) 4 Girl Toy (NY) 5


The Doozies (DC) 6 The Doozies (DC) 4 The Doozies (DC) 3 The Doozies (DC) 5 The Doozies (DC) 2 The Doozies (DC) 1


Sun Club (Annapolis) 3 Sun Club (Annapolis) 15 Sun Club (Annapolis) 1 Sun Club (Annapolis) 8 Sun Club (Annapolis) 5 Sun Club (Annapolis) 10 Sun Club (Annapolis) 9 Sun Club (Annapolis) 12 Sun Club (Annapolis) 4


Grand Resort (NY) 2 Grand Resort (NY) 7 Grand Resort (NY) 4 Grand Resort (NY) 1 Grand Resort (NY) 3 Grand Resort (NY) 6


Turnip King 5 Turnip King 4 Turnip King 3 Turnip King 2 Turnip King 1

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