FOTOS: Boytoy, Rathborne and Roman

Brooklyn's BOYTOY plays The Knitting Factory

Brooklyn’s BOYTOY plays The Knitting Factory

After an overcast day over Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a crowd gathers at the Knitting Factory on July 13.

First on stage is ROMAN, armed only with a laptop connected to a pedal board, an electric guitar and his voice. As his intricately layered beats are cued perfectly by a tap on a pedal, the humble crowd is taken into the artist’s inner psyche through a unique and eclectic narrative, and at times when words are not enough, his performance is intensified through breaks of expressive dance.

But by the time the Brooklyn trio BOYTOY takes the stage, sounds of summer return. Lead singer Saara Untracht Oakner  (formerly the frontwoman of You Can Be A Wesley), leads the set with her sonically resounding voice, punching through walls and rock with her own fortified wave of pure and unadulterated sound. She is flanked by rocking summer riffs played by the humble Glenn Van Dyke (formerly of Beast Make Bomb), channeling an electrifying energy to the audience. The sound is balanced despite the individual character and vibe each member of the band delivers on stage and that level of restraint is what allows them to move forward through their set as they loosen up and release more and more of their energy with each song. In between tracks, the band exchanges some laughter among themselves, the familiar and ultimate indication that they are in their element, at home with their music and comfortable in their place.

The energy is picked up by RATHBORNE, releasing their new 7″, Last Forgiven/Wanna Be You ahead of the release of their forthcoming album on September 2. Their set is energetic and strong, affirmed by an audience swaying back and forth to the music. The band’s set brings the audience back from an eclectic sunny journey to New York with their last track “So Long NYC,” fitting for the occasion and leaving the audience with a nostalgic end to a night of great music.

THE BOMBER JACKET documented and photographed this rocking gig and all its energy (all photos by Zaji Zabalerio):


Roman 1 Roman 2 Roman 3


Boytoy 1 Boytoy 2 Boytoy 4 Boytoy 5 Boytoy 6 Boytoy 7 Boytoy 8


Rathborne 1 Rathborne 2 Rathborne 3 Rathborne 4 Rathborne 5 Rathborne 6 Rathborne 7 Rathborne 8


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