TBJ Compilation: Volume #3 is Out!


We’re rounding out the last issue of VOLUME #3 of THE BOMBER JACKET, which means a third compilation! This compilation again features many of the acts we’ve covered, this time from issues 21 through 30. The compilation is free for all people far and wide. This is our way of sharing the music we care about. For people who aren’t regular readers, beware that the mix of songs is DIVERSE, to say the least. So if you don’t like a song, that’s fine, but listen to the other ones (and then return to the initial song later when you’re in a different frame of mind).

One way you can help these artists is by actually buying their music, or at the very least, following them on social media pages. For better or worse, Facebook likes are more important than an average music fan would suspect nowadays, so if you’re going to download the comp, please consider “LIKING” these acts, yeah?

Thank you to all the musicians and labels who provided tracks, and thank you to John Brickley, a friend and artist from Pennsylvania who provided us with his beautiful art to use as the compilation’s cover. Fans/supporters can visit John’s work here and here (there is some wonderful merch available, including the design of our comp’s cover)!

Song ▬ Band ▬ Location ▬ Article


1. “John” ▬ Forest ▬ Cambridge, United Kingdom ▬ TBJ article with Forest
2. “Swan Song” ▬ Alexander and The Grapes ▬ St. Petersburg, United States ▬ TBJ article with Alexander and The Grapes
3. “Above My Ground” ▬ Landlady ▬ Brooklyn, United States ▬ TBJ article with Landlady
4. “In My Bed” ▬ The Mariner’s Children ▬ London, United Kingdom ▬ TBJ article with The Mariner’s Children
5. “Maurice Narcisse” ▬ EULA ▬ Brooklyn, United States ▬ TBJ article with EULA
6. “Ivory Tower Guard” ▬ Urban Homes ▬ Cologne, Germany ▬ TBJ article with Urban Homes
7. “Magic Look” ▬ Marques Toliver  ▬ Antwerp, Belgium ▬ TBJ article with Marques Toliver
8. “Birds Of A Feather” ▬ Sidewalk Chalk ▬ Chicago, United States ▬ TBJ article with Sidewalk Chalk
9. “Silian Braille” ▬ The Purist Ft CAS ▬ London, United Kingdom ▬ TBJ article with The Purist
10. “KraKasaurus” ▬ CX KiDTRONiK ▬ Brooklyn, United States ▬ TBJ article with CX KiDTRONiK
11. “Papa Candy” ▬ Bwani Junction ▬ Edinburgh, Scotland ▬ TBJ article with Bwani Junction
12.”TV” ▬ Bunny’s A Swine ▬ Northampton, United States ▬ TBJ article with Bunny’s A Swine
13. “Brain Congratulations” ▬ Geronimo!  Chicago, United States ▬ TBJ article with Geronimo!
14. “Better Better Worse” ▬ Low Fat Getting High Brooklyn, United States ▬ TBJ article with Low Fat Getting High (another article coming soon!)
15. “Out Alive” ▬ Drunken Sufis ▬ Brooklyn, United States ▬ TBJ article with Drunken Sufis
16. Yet to be titled ▬ Heavy Medical ▬ Philadelphia, United States ▬ TBJ article with Heavy Medical
17. “July” ▬ Dead Channel ▬ State College, United States ▬ TBJ article with Dead Channel


1. “Insulator ” ▬ Turnip King Brooklyn, United States ▬ TBJ article with Turnip King
2. “Major Nature” ▬ PTTRNS ▬ Cologne, Germany ▬ TBJ article with PTTRNS
3. “Blue Baby” ▬ Ovlov Newtown, United States ▬ TBJ article with Ovlov
4. “I Wanna Live” ▬ Paint Branch ▬ Washington, D.C., United States ▬ TBJ article with Paint Branch
5. “Heartbreaker” ▬ The Sweater Set ▬ Washington, D.C., United States ▬ TBJ article with The Sweater Set
6. “pitched” ▬ Nat Lyon Northampton, United States ▬ TBJ article with Nat Lyon
7. “Song For Ellie Mae” ▬ Soft Candy Chicago, United States ▬ TBJ article with Soft Candy
8. “Desert” ▬ Univers ▬ Barcelona, Spain ▬ TBJ article with Univers
9. “gold thought exit” ▬ Advaeta   Brooklyn, United States ▬ TBJ article with Advaeta
10. “One Lover” ▬ Betting On The Mouse  Copenhagen, Denmark ▬ TBJ article with Betting On The Mouse
11. “You’ve Seen the Last of Me” ▬ Washington Irving  Glasgow, Scotland ▬ TBJ article with Washington Irving
12. “Natural Progression” ▬ Steph Barrak   Boston, United States ▬ TBJ article with Steph Barrak
13. “California Condor” ▬ Spitzer Space Telescope  ▬ Chicago, United States ▬ TBJ article with Spitzer Space Telescope
14. “Postcard From Des Moines” ▬ Greg Mullen  ▬ Austin, United States ▬ TBJ article with Greg Mullen
15. “One Lane Bridge” ▬ Andrew McHenry State College, United States ▬ TBJ article with Andrew McHenry
16. “Heavy Drugs” ▬ Passenger Peru ▬ Brooklyn, United States ▬ TBJ article with Passenger Peru
17. “Won’t You Help Me” ▬ Henrik Freischlader Band  Wuppertal, Germany ▬ TBJ article with Henrik Freischlader


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