TBJ is Moving Back to Deutschland

German hearts

Nearly two years ago THE BOMBER JACKET was in its initial planning stages. There were conversations about its purpose, likely audience, goals, and more. The name TBJ began as a long-form journalism platform working to cover international acts under one roof, and it grew to a brand that represented more than journalism.

TBJ launched in Berlin, Germany. There were writers in several territories, but the editing was managed out of Berlin by the website’s creator. In June 2012, content shifted when the site’s “headquarters” moved to Brooklyn, New York. This move was marked by heavier U.S. coverage and collaborations with others in the Brooklyn music community.

As of January 2014, TBJ will be based in Germany once again, this time in Hamburg. New York City was an amazing, amazing place to be and work, but TBJ’s mission to work with and help bands internationally is more suitably served when the website has a stronger international network.

The year 2014 will include many new projects for TBJ–in Germany, New York, and elsewhere. We want to continue the journalism side of the site (more articles will be cranking out once this move is settled) and book more shows, continuing to connect bands with international audiences.

Thanks for staying in touch with us! We’re excited for the future.



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