Frankfurt’s Young Hare Releases Debut Album

 YoungHareThere’s a small label in Germany called Altin Village & Mine that’s been releasing record after record of high-quality dance tunes (among other genres of music) since 2001. Their latest act is a duo from Frankfurt, Young Hare, that’s celebrating its full-length debut this month. Unbreak My Heart includes nine songs that explore movement and depth within the electronic music world. Marc Krause and Martin Pfanzer have been playing together as Young Hare since 2011, crafting songs that complement their personal lives and work (Pfanzer is a sound designer, Krause a photographer).

THE BOMBER JACKET interviewed the duo via Email prior to the band’s album release date on March 15.

TBJ: So, this is the band’s first full-length record! How did you both decided which songs to include on this record?

Young Hare: We recorded all the new material since the bdybldng split. It ended up to be 10 songs. If it were possible, we would have released all of them, but the vinyl length didn’t allow it. It was important to us that the songs made sense in their order and combination.

What was the writing process like for this record? How did you two work together?

We are used to one another and are equal parts in the writing process. It’s not like there’s one of us writing a song–everything happens in dialogue to find our common ground. Usually it starts with a construct which we disassemble and build up again many times, until it sounds lovely. It’s always a really exciting progress, because we never know where we’ll end up.

How did your backgrounds in sound and photography influence the album the most?

Martin: I don’t think that my background did influence the album directly. The creative process is different. While spending most of the time on a computer for a sound job, making music is physical. It’s about using different objects, instruments and effects, in relation to each other. The process of touching and feeling is very important too.

Marc: While writing music or composing tracks, we always have vague pictures in our heads, so I guess sound and images relate to each other. Since I make some of our music videos there is a photographic or videographic side of our tracks. But I would rather explain these videos as photographic work on a video platform.


Unbreak My Heart has international vibes, lyrically and sonically. There’s a song called “Cau Lou,” which is the name of a Vietnamese dish, and there’s a song named after the island in Jurassic Park, “Isla Nubla”… How were you able to capture the tropical nature of the music while living in Frankfurt, Germany, a city that is not incredibly tropical?

Yes, Frankfurt is a not so tropical city, therefore we are making this kind of music. On the other hand I think that Frankfurt does influence us subconsciously…the electronic music scene is really big here.

I try to imagine being far away, the music around me should be the feeling while being there. We’re creating a holiday far away, it sounds funny, but that’s how I really feel while making music. Aside from this, food and dinosaurs are our main inspiration.

Who is your favorite character in Jurassic Park?

Ray Arnold, R.I.P.

What made you choose to write lyrics in English?

We grew up listening to English music, even before learning the language itself. It always had influenced me more than German music, although I didn’t understand a word as a child. It was just sound to me. While singing in English today, that sound is still there. I would also sing in Portuguese but it’s just English that I’ve learned.

You recorded and mixed the songs on your own. What made you decide to do this?

We don’t want to give things out of hand. To have somebody else mixing our material would feel weird, since we have our own idea of our sound. We don’t exclude this in general, but we wouldn’t want to hire anybody to do this. It would have to be somebody we trust, musically and personally.

During the mixing process, a lot of creative decisions are made, which later on will be introduced into our live set. We would miss out on that. While mixing, you question already finished songs, making things different.


The songs sound very well crafted, with great attention to detail and movement. Where did this type of songwriting emerge for you two? Do you listen to music that sounds similarly?

Some music we listen to is similar, but most of it is very different. The details we pay attention to while making music are sometimes different to these which we like in our music taste. In our former releases there were a lot of things happening, fast sound changing, we wanted to take it nice and slow this time.

One of your record labels has the same name as your album title. Coincidence?

Of course not, unbreakmyheart is our label since the beginning, and our album title means friendship. We really appreciate all the work Sabine did and still does for us. Besides, I think that the title fits the character of the album.

You’re celebrating the album release with some shows with Urban Homes! Sounds like it will be a party?!

Yes, it will be!


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