TBJ Transformation

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The last year has been a bit of a transition for us. Our office of operations relocated to Germany and we released our first record, and booked our first tour in Europe. Work became really busy at one point and we took a break for a few months.

We’re back now. But we’re doing things a little differently.

Starting this summer, TBJ will be a project-based brand and this website will host our current work that we’re taking on with various likeminded folk across the globe. We will still publish articles every now and then, but they won’t so much focus on music review and they will be more of an effort to help educate and inform musicians about the industry and how it works in different places (For example, what are tips for U.S. musicians touring in Europe? How do you get your music to Japan?). Maybe we will share our friends’ music ventures sometimes, but the basic news is that we are not cranking out music journalism pieces anymore.

Why is this?

Well, directions change. Gears shift! We’ve had a lot of success with the brand and the projects we’ve taken on. This is where our passion is. We want this type of work to be more of a lifestyle, to sustain us long-term.

We will reveal our upcoming projects shortly, but for now, thank you so much for supporting us! We’re excited to move forward and work more with the people we’ve grown to know and love so much over the years.

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