THE BOMBER JACKET is a brand dedicated to helping musicians and labels grow internationally. We book concerts, run PR campaigns, strategize releases, set up distribution, release music, and much more. The name of the website comes from the notion of well-made products and high-quality care.  A bomber jacket is a timeless item of clothing that spans countries and generations. Today’s music, if released and cared for as well as it can be, should also maintain itself over time–it shouldn’t be something trendy and trite, but something novel and lasting.

We started as a music journalism outlet, pursuing TBJ-branded projects occasionally. We still host our pieces of journalism on our site (we are very proud of those articles), but with time, our love for the work we did on the side outgrew our interest in journalism. Ultimately we want to run TBJ full-time, and cranking out long-form, well-written articles on a weekly or biweekly basis makes this  difficult. We will, however, periodically publish articles about the business and our experiences if and when we feel inclined. We definitely want to do what we can to help inform those around us when it comes to maneuvering the business.

We’re thrilled to embark on a new path. We are so grateful to work with the people we do.

Website logo and header by Dan MacDonald (danmacdonaldstudios.org).