Songs and Stories with Dirty Three

I’m standing in the front row at Neumos, a mid-size music venue on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, wondering why there’s a mic stand on stage. It’s an object that most concert-goers take for granted, marking the place where the lead singer will stand (for most of the performance, at least). But at a Dirty Three show, […]

Difficult Listening: Associates

For the past eleven years, Seattle’s EMP Museum has hosted the Pop Conference: an annual meeting of music industry professionals, scholars, and fans like you and me. Musicians give keynote speeches, academics and critics discuss everything from hip-hop to K-pop, and best of all, registration is free. Perhaps that’s why this year’s conference, held in NYU in […]

Jherek Bischoff’s Invisible Orchestra

The instruments started disappearing in the evening, as the last rays of sunlight seeped into the room through the stained glass windows. Trumpets and trombones were blown away, while violins and violas crept out from under tucked chins. Yet the orchestra played on, feeling for invisible strings with their invisible bows, making the drums and […]

Pussy Riot and the State of Punk Rock

Readers, I have a confession to make. I’m not just a music geek who obsessively researches and writes about post-punk. I moonlight as a Russian literature geek who obsessively researches and writes about lengthy, dense, frequently moralistic novels. So naturally, when I heard about the Pussy Riot trial, I just had to write a response. […]

Difficult Listening: Steve Albini

  The following is a personal essay about former Big Black frontman and super-producer Steve Albini.   During my senior year of college, I earned honors by producing a 25-page collection of original poems. The project began inauspiciously: I wrote a fairly unprofessional project proposal peppered with “Doctor Who” and Velvet Underground references, then, to […]

From Little Norway to Nagahama: A Q&A with Lemolo

While THE BOMBER JACKET was on hiatus for the summer, Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood hosted its 16th annual Block Party: a three-day music festival featuring over a hundred artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Each day, local radio station KEXP selected a handful of bands to play an additional set during its live broadcast […]

Dirty Beaches and the Ashes of Time

He remembers those vanished years as though looking through a dusty window pane. The past is something he could see, but not touch, and everything he sees is blurred and indistinct. These words appear on the screen at the end of “In the Mood for Love,” a film widely considered to be Hong Kong director […]

Rhythm and Rebellion: A Dance-Punk Album Guide

Loyal readers of THE BOMBER JACKET, meet your new post-punk writer. I’m Hallie, and I’ll be introducing you to music that’s a little…difficult. Music that doesn’t fit neatly into categories. Music that can only be described with hyphenated words like “avant-garde,” “post-rock,” or “dance-punk.” Dance-punk seems like a good starting point for this inaugural column, […]