Rare Bird: An Interview with James Harvey of White Birds

Banging, clanging, crashing, Drink Up Buttercup ripped up the stage with their trash can percussions (literal aluminum trashcans) and gritty, grimy organ grinder-like melodies. They seamlessly and shamelessly turned every show they played into a raucous circus of musical debauchery. Sadly, Drink Up Buttercup is no more. That is the bad news. The good news, […]

The Shy Pursuit of Happiness

Before we were old enough to drive cars, we had bicycles. We didn’t have to worry about parking tickets or whether we had enough fuel to get home. We had no speed limits, just the limit of how far our legs and pedals could take us. There was that certain feeling of freedom that washed […]

Dave Raymond and Hidden Hospitals

Hidden Hospitals (ex-Damiera/Kiss Kiss), a four-piece “alternative progressive rock” band from Chicago is probably the worst way to describe this group. Sure, it gives you a basic idea of what to expect, but it really does not do any justice to their sound, who they are, or what they’re about. And typically, you don’t expect […]

Russian Circles and Hot Sauce

This afternoon I was aimlessly walking around downtown Chicago. The well-to-do and bejeweled middle-aged women were in abundance, walking their dogs. The new-moneyed 20-somethings were running around in their business suits looking for something important to do. The obvious tourists with their street maps were standing puzzled at the street corners. Suddenly from out of […]

Los Angeles’ Little Red Lung

Years ago, in a cold, dark cavern beneath Los Angeles, an ancient coven of witches met in secret to bring to this world something it had never seen before. Born from the sacred fires of magic and witchcraft, summoned from the greatest depths, Little Red Lung came to be. Actually, it didn’t happen like that at […]

From Texas BBQ to German Beer with Shandy Mandies

Shandy Mandies is a four-piece rock outfit from Leipzig, Germany and is composed of Oliver Meisel, Patrick Burkholder, Gerald Költzsch, and Jan Helch. Shandy Mandies might be based out of Leipzig, but the band has a bit more international flair, as Burkholder is from the US and Meisel is from the Great Britain. THE BOMBER JACKET spoke with Burkholder about […]

…And They Said Radio Was Dead

When I was a kid, if I wanted to hear a particular song on the radio, the only option I had was to pray that it would come on as I played the lottery with the dial. It wasn’t ideal, but you took it for what it was, and you were thankful for it when […]

Cate Le Bon’s Circus

Cate Le Bon is a peculiar, curious sort of character. She’s hard to pin down, or place neatly into a calculated, categorized box. It sounds like a problem, but it really isn’t. Actually, it’s a blessing and somewhat of a rarity. She’s just different. There are gaggles of musicians and bands playing songs to the […]

Who is Drew Danburry?

Drew Danburry has been called a lot of things in his life: skater, beard-grower, Ryan Gosling lookalike, but complacent with stagnation isn’t one of them. I’d call him persistent. If he is one thing, he is persistent in his quest to find true happiness. I spoke with Drew on the phone; he was driving home […]