Emo According to Autre Ne Veut

Brooklyn’s Arthur Ashin–Autre Ne Veut–has drawn a new blueprint for emotional music with his newest album, Anxiety (Mexican Summer). Each song on Ashin’s second full-length album is a focused take on emotional music in a post-emo culture with a distinct and highly conceptual pattern: For the full effect, prime some blown-out synth pop reverbed in double- […]

We Wanted to Talk More About Badass Guitarists, So…

I am not going to write an article diminishing three of the most accomplished female guitarists as leadership of the women’s coalition for equal rights in music. This is not an essay on the women of rock ‘n’ roll’s past present and future; this is not a hackneyed tribute to the strides made for women […]

Uncovering the Anonymity of England’s Burial

What I’ve noticed in the last half-decade is a capitalistic ideal that strips some fantastic movements or projects of their luster, especially within modern American art. Take for example, the film industry, with stalwarts who love the idea of “series reboots.” Some work, like Chris Nolans’ “Batman” indeed reset well while others do not, like […]

Celebrating the Superb Lyricism of WHY?, PART III

This review of WHY? lyrics wraps up our three-part series on the band’s excellence in writing and rhyming.  I’m not going to spend the length of this article deliberating on whether Pitchfork’s arbitrary, if not all together misguided, 2.8 limits the credibility of WHY?’s newest release, Mumps, etc. The album exists because de facto leader Yoni […]