Introducing Denmark’s Betting On The Mouse (Free Track Giveaway!)

Meet Betting On The Mouse, a musical project of Danish artist Martha Maria Skou. This four-piece group consists of Skou, Xian Foo, Jonathan Aardestrup and Kristian Haarløv, who self-released their March 15 self-titled debut album that they recorded in Berlin and Copenhagen. The 10-track album is a follow-up to the band’s 2011 BOTM EP. Producing what they […]

Iceage’s Likeable, Noisy Punk

There are few things that bring back such a powerfully nostalgic feeling than young, angry punk bands. Roaming house basements, drinking Mad Dog 20/20 while young bands play some of their first sets ever and pushing everyone around to try and get a good view of whatever’s going on in front of the crowd–there is […]

An Abstract Impression of Efterklang’s Piramida

The opener to Piramida (4AD) starts with the sound of icy water drops hitting the back wall of the world’s most lonesome cave. At least, that’s what it seems like Efterklang was going for. The sound is more likely just the result of Mads Brauer smacking a marimba in a heated recording studio in Denmark, but […]