TBJ Releases Fusilier Remix by Perera Elsewhere

Huzzah! We released a beautiful electronic remix of Fusilier‘s “The Moment” by Perera Elsewhere. How did this come about, you ask? Well, we had been working closely with (Blake) Fusilier for a couple years, helping him prepare his songs for an international release. One day, the wonderful Alec Bemis of Brassland took interest in Fusilier’s music, and […]

TBJ Transformation

The last year has been a bit of a transition for us. Our office of operations relocated to Germany and we released our first record, and booked our first tour in Europe. Work became really busy at one point and we took a break for a few months. We’re back now. But we’re doing things […]

Emperor X Announces Israeli Shows For The Orlando Sentinel

EMPEROR X TO TOUR ISRAEL IN SEPTEMBER Music Showcasing “Radical…Sometimes Baffling” American Noise Pop Concerts in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem: Thursday, September 11  //  TEL AVIV  //  Venue: Koro Friday, September 12  //  HAIFA  //  Venue: Syrup Saturday, September 13  //  JERUSALEM  //  Venue: Uganda American noise-pop/speed-folk musician Emperor X has announced three Israeli […]

TBJ & KONZERTTAGEBUCH PRESENT: Emperor X and This Is The Kit, Europe 2014

Hallo, we are happy to announce that Emperor X (Bar/None, Plan-It-X) is releasing a new album [UPDATE: CHECK OUT ALBUM HERE] , and to celebrate, we decided to book a German tour (that is now a EUROPEAN tour because there are shows in more countries than just Germany!) at the end of July. The amazing This Is The Kit (Brassland, […]

Emperor X Releases New Album, The Orlando Sentinel [Post Contains Updates]

We recently hinted at Emperor X releasing a new EP. Well…the EP turned into a larger project with more tracks, and Chad Matheny released it just in time for his European tour, which is happening at the end of July. The album is called The Orlando Sentinel, and THE BOMBER JACKET is pressing limited edition vinyl […]

TBJ is Moving Back to Deutschland

Nearly two years ago THE BOMBER JACKET was in its initial planning stages. There were conversations about its purpose, likely audience, goals, and more. The name TBJ began as a long-form journalism platform working to cover international acts under one roof, and it grew to a brand that represented more than journalism. TBJ launched in […]

An Elliott Smith Tribute Concert: Why ?

Hello! My name is Jen. I work at Believe Digital in NYC and on the side I run thebomberjacket.com. ^That is how I started many emails a couple months ago when I decided to commit to organizing this Elliott Smith tribute show here in New York. I am writing this now because two nights ago, […]

TBJ Compilation: Volume #3 is Out!

We’re rounding out the last issue of VOLUME #3 of THE BOMBER JACKET, which means a third compilation! This compilation again features many of the acts we’ve covered, this time from issues 21 through 30. The compilation is free for all people far and wide. This is our way of sharing the music we care […]

A VINYL PROJECT: TBJ’s First Real Record

We’re happy to announce that we have a vinyl project in the works! Like, we are going to press REAL vinyl. We’re at the beginning of the plans, but basically we’re going to release a compilation of underrated bands that are all really good, and all happen to hail from the same city/town. We will […]

Emperor X’s Nineteen Live Recordings and Euro Tour 2013

Emperor X is an old friend of ours. We became friends through our love for his music, and more recently we’ve been helping him spread the word about his music in Europe. He just released a special collection of live songs recorded at shows between 2008 and 2013, called Nineteen Live Recordings (Plan-It-X Records). We streamed the songs […]