Drink of Choice: Tenneyson Absinthe Royale

We are happy to announce that we are working with the American absinthe brand Tenneyson Absinthe Royale out of Austin, Texas. We really believe in the company’s drive that helped them bring the absinthe business over to the United States. The founder of Tenneyson, Graham Wasilition, started the brand in 2010 when he was in […]

TBJ Partners with Yancha Digs [Article in English and Japanese]

THE BOMBER JACKET is expanding its network. Issue #10 celebrates a partnership with the Japanese skateboard/clothing design company, Yancha Digs. The partnership emerged from a longtime friendship between TBJ’s editor, Jen Brown, and one of Yancha’s co-founders, Nino Moscardi. The two became friends during college in Boston, Massachusetts, where they connected artistically and professionally, often discussing their post-college dreams and ways […]

Furguson’s Swindlers and Cross Country Runners

In THE BOMBER JACKET’s interview with Barcelona’s Mujeres, the group mentioned a little town outside of the city called Vic where they said a makeshift D.I.Y. music community had formed. Such types of spaces are great at producing creative (or extremely weird) acts. Furguson is an example and they are part of the Vic collective […]

Duck Eggs, Salad Days, and Sorcery with Here We Go Magic

American indie rockers Here We Go Magic hit the road this Spring to promote their new album, A Different Ship.Guitarist Michael Bloch kindly granted us a few minutes before their show on May 15 at Brillobox in Pittsburgh, Pa. THE BOMBER JACKET ordered whiskey and discussed the pressures of Mother’s Day, what makes a good […]

We Made A Compilation!

Every ten issues will amount to a volume of THE BOMBER JACKET. To celebrate our tenth issue, we decided to make a compilation featuring many–and truly very many–of the musicians we have covered since the website’s creation on Valentine’s Day. The compilation is completely free! Thank you to all the musicians who provided tracks, and […]

Primavera Sound 2012 Wishlist

Barcelona’s Primavera Sound is one of the best indie music festivals that Europe has to offer (if not the best). They’re able to gather some of the most interesting and talented international acts out there, as well as showcase lesser-known bands, particularly Spanish ones. It takes place in the Parc del Forum, a breathtaking stone […]

Descending the Circles of Bright Eyes Hell: The Early Albums

There are videos on youtube of Conor Oberst, frontman of Bright Eyes and various other projects, from when he was in his tween years. One in particular comes to mind of a scrawny boy with a high crackling voice and round John Lennon glasses in a record store in Omaha, Nebraska, over-excitedly ranting about a record […]

Rare Bird: An Interview with James Harvey of White Birds

Banging, clanging, crashing, Drink Up Buttercup ripped up the stage with their trash can percussions (literal aluminum trashcans) and gritty, grimy organ grinder-like melodies. They seamlessly and shamelessly turned every show they played into a raucous circus of musical debauchery. Sadly, Drink Up Buttercup is no more. That is the bad news. The good news, […]

Beach Niche

The sunny island of Mallorca is in the middle of the Mediterranean and is a part of Spain. It has some breathtaking beaches that you would think only existed on postcards or computer desktop wallpaper, some awesome caves (complete with dragons) and a tourist hotspot called Palma. Yet, the guys from Beach Beach said that […]

Aaron Freeman (a k a Gene Ween) Goes Solo into the Clouds

I have a confession to make. I think we know each other well enough by now for me to tell you an awkward secret about myself: I love Ween. It’s true. Out of all the bands I’ve seen, I’ve been to more Ween shows (five) than any other band (excluding my friends’ bands that I’ve […]