TBJ in 2012: A Year in Review

This year was a long but exciting first year for THE BOMBER JACKET. We moved our headquarters from Berlin to New York City, our initial staff of four writers expanded into a much larger group of people from all over the world, and we have started branding our first PR campaigns to help push the […]

TBJ’s Favorite Records of 2012: Jack White

Blunderbuss: the vulnerable masterpiece that debuts Jack White’s singer-guitarist personality at its fullest. It’s hard to listen to the album without thinking about it in the context of his live performances. Jack White has been making a reputation for himself for over fifteen years as a blues-guitarist-gone-Appalachian-folk-punk rocker. It all started with The White Stripes, where the […]

TBJ’s Favorite Records of 2012: Das Racist

On December 3, 2012, we learned that Das Racist broke up. A video of Heems surfaced from a stage in Germany claiming that Das Racist is “not a band anymore.” Kool AD confirmed the news by tweeting “quit das racist 2 months ago and was asked by our manager not to announce it yet.” Dapwell […]

TBJ’s Favorite Records of 2012: Godspeed You!, Griz Bear, Mt. Eerie

There really wasn’t one album from 2012 that owned my ears the same way that Destroyer’s Kaputt and Titus Andronicus’ The Monitor did the last two years. Barring a long-winded tangent about why it’s nonsense for anyone to decide what were the best sounds recorded within a twelve-month period with no criteria whatsoever, suffice it to say that those […]

TBJ’s Favorite Records of 2012: Father John Misty

It’s only when I have a cold that I notice how dirty and dusty New York is. I’ve been told this by the people who have lived here and by the many more who just saw a picture of the city. Somehow when I’m well I can see the condition but not feel it. I […]

TBJ’s Favorite Records of 2012: Felix

Prior to the advent of the Internet and its influence on music consumption, there were few more effective ways for listeners and musicians to connect than through detailed liner notes. Listeners could pore over the notes included with their newly purchased album, following along with the lyrics as they’re sung. But from a business perspective, […]

TBJ’s Favorite Records of 2012: alt-J

The U.K. is a weird scene to break for any freshly-sprouted indie band. On the one hand, the way is illuminated by plenty of “next big things” who were featured on the soundtrack to a spunky sitcom for the young ‘uns, whose second album sits just about on prominent display in HMV’s bargain racks. The […]

TBJ’s Favorite Records of 2012: Anthony Green

  If there’s one person who deserves recognition for his work this year, it’s Anthony Green. With two babies now in tow and a fresh recovery from his mental health issues, the Circa Survive singer managed to record, produce, and release two extraordinary albums both under Circa Survive and as a solo artist. Although Circa […]

TBJ’s Favorite Records of 2012: Alabama Shakes

The Athens, Alabama-based quartet, Alabama Shakes, began their music careers by playing shaggy Led Zeppelin covers around the dive bars of Limestone County in 2009. Brittany Howard, Zac Cockrell, Steve Johnson and Heath Fogg came to prominence following a successful show at CMJ Festival in October 2011, after which Jon Pareles of The New York Times compared Howard’s singing […]