Notes From the Underground: Caligine’s Strange and Fragile Sounds

The music of Caligine, a k a Italian-born musician and writer Gabriele de Seta, is rare and beautiful. His brittle, unsettling, folk-inflected explorations draw on fingerpicked guitar, eerie dronings and the clunks and whirrs of broken-down machinery to create a shifting hybrid of the pastoral reveries of Robbie Basho and the ambient rumblings of U.S. […]

Gomma Records Doesn’t Care

The bands on the Munich-based record label Gomma might seem like they reign in laser-infested underground German discotheques, but the collective’s projects and ambitions extend to lots of other settings. Gomma Records was conceived to be a multi-dimensional sonic and visual outet for the label’s artists. In addition to music the label produces an illustration […]