An Interview with Travis Bretzer; or, How to Do the Solo Male Justice

There’s an interesting dialogue for the lone, mysterious, esoteric and (usually) profoundly male artist in the modern musical vernacular. Whether it’s Kurt Vile’s tortured lo-fi or Thom Yorke’s fragile egotism, there’s something inescapably attractive to listening audiences about a faceless youth delivering wisdom. Canadian-born Travis Bretzer offers listeners a bit of a twist on that. […]

Emo According to Autre Ne Veut

Brooklyn’s Arthur Ashin–Autre Ne Veut–has drawn a new blueprint for emotional music with his newest album, Anxiety (Mexican Summer). Each song on Ashin’s second full-length album is a focused take on emotional music in a post-emo culture with a distinct and highly conceptual pattern: For the full effect, prime some blown-out synth pop reverbed in double- […]