Pulco: The Art and Craft of The Sonic Biography

[Editor’s note: This article includes a new and free MP3 from the artist. If you’d like to listen to and download the song, please scroll below and find the SoundCloud embed. The song is “Double Denim,” from a forthcoming, untitled EP by Pulco.] Ashley Cooke once dreamed of going off to Acapulco and hanging out […]

The Mystery of Ifan Dafydd

His name, like so many others in the non-stop swirl of emerging producers and DJs coming out of Europe, sometimes floats under the rocks. Ifan Dafydd, improbable to pronounce with 100 percent accuracy, much less certainty, has been slipping through the ranks of the continent’s best up-and-comers, sporadically dropping James Blake-esque singles through the past […]

Cate Le Bon’s Circus

Cate Le Bon is a peculiar, curious sort of character. She’s hard to pin down, or place neatly into a calculated, categorized box. It sounds like a problem, but it really isn’t. Actually, it’s a blessing and somewhat of a rarity. She’s just different. There are gaggles of musicians and bands playing songs to the […]