…And They Said Radio Was Dead

When I was a kid, if I wanted to hear a particular song on the radio, the only option I had was to pray that it would come on as I played the lottery with the dial. It wasn’t ideal, but you took it for what it was, and you were thankful for it when […]

The Strafing Run: A Friday Night in State College

Hello again, dear readers! I wanted to give you a glimpse into the town and music scene I’m currently a part of. What better way than taking you through a typical Friday night in the teeming metropolis of beer, football and accidental academia that is State College, PA? What’s a Friday night out on the […]

Grimes on Grimes

“The Walking Dead” protagonist, Rick Grimes reviews the new album, Visions by Grimes. Sheriff’s Deputy, Rick Grimes here. Right now I’m hiding out in an abandoned Tower Records delivery truck somewhere on I-85. Once again, I have been separated from my wife and son and the rest of the group and find myself surrounded by […]

Barna Howard’s Time Machine

A few years ago, there was a secret attic space in an old house on a rough street in the Boston neighborhood of Allston, Massachusetts. Well, the attic is still there, but its musical magic isn’t. The old house on 84 Allston Street used to host monthly musical gatherings referred to as “hootenannies.” The small, […]

One of Germany’s Top Indie Bloggers, Henning Lahmann

Henning Lahmann is an international music enthusiast based out of Berlin. During the day he works at Potsdam University’s public international law department, but in his “free time” he writes for four esteemed intercontinental music publications. He’s a slick writer with a sense of humor and impecable English. In today’s international, web-based society, Lahmann is a young German […]

Emperor X: Musical Scientist and Multidimensional Explorer

Some records have lyrics so ambiguously specific that one can’t help but notice hints of a storyline or something that ties all the mysterious pieces together. Such albums inspire listeners to spin the record endlessly, trying to decode the messages into some kind of concrete interpretation or narrative. Emperor X‘s latest album Western Teleport (Bar/None) […]

A Lesson in Punk History: Dead Boys

Greetings and welcome to my opinions! I’m Josh Bala and I write what I want. From my vantage point atop “Awesome Taste Mountain,” I plan to bombard you lot with lightning bolts of musical wisdom. It is imperative, I feel, to get us on the same page as quickly as possible. With that in mind, […]

A Musical Guide to Tübingen, Germany

Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart…we often center our attention on the big cities when looking for exciting music events, but one of the best things about music is finding it in unexpected or undiscovered places. One such place is Tübingen. Tübingen is a traditional university town in the central German region of Baden-Württemberg, 30 kilometers from Stuttgart. […]

The Strafing Run: Sandusky’s A Mo, But the Show Must Go On

Hello again, dear reader. Oh, how I’ve missed you. But I’m back to talk about something I really don’t feel like writing about, but I gotsta. Gotsta, because if I’m going to tell you all about the State College Music scene (and I will,) I have to get a huge elephant out of the way. […]

iPhone Songs with Peter Wyeth

Once we enter our twenties and commit to full-time “adult” lives, many of us adapt to a busy static that distracts us from life’s simple pleasures like reading, biking, or enjoying nature in general. This tends to happen more in city environments when people are surrounded with pavement and metal, pavement and metal. But somewhere […]

Spitzer Space Telescope Invents His Own Video Language

Dan MacDonald masquerades around the US as Spitzer Space Telescope. He’s an artist born in the Midwest, but he went to school in Boston and currently lives in Portland. For 2012, the one-of-a-kind folk singer has come up with a creative (one might even say revolutionary) new way to present his music. The Telescope’s first full-length […]

New Canyons’ Debut Record

Every now and then 80s-influenced throwback albums pop into the indie spectrum, like the recent work from Handsome Furs, Goldfrapp, and the soundtrack to the new film, Drive. The choice in composition is usually either a result of the nostalgic love for the era’s sound, or a distaste for modern-day indie pop. Chicago’s New Canyons, […]

City Profile: Sheffield, England

A festival funded by spare change, pubs that spin the same vinyl they did in the 60s, local artists who manage to bring the same quintessential cheekiness to a variety of genres; the music scene in Sheffield, England has an identity all its own. I should begin this profile by confessing a shameless bias towards […]

Cate Le Bon’s Circus

Cate Le Bon - CYRK

Cate Le Bon is a peculiar, curious sort of character. She’s hard to pin down, or place neatly into a calculated, categorized box. It sounds like a problem, but it really isn’t. Actually, it’s a blessing and somewhat of a rarity. She’s just different. There are gaggles of musicians and bands playing songs to the […]

Youthful, Fresh Pop from Hamburg

Germany’s music scene doesn’t only consist of Rammstein and Tokio Hotel–there is also a reputable indie music scene. Hamburg-based newcomer-band In Golden Tears is one of the most current examples. They’re a youthful, poppy dance band that’s very in-tune with the modern world of music, resulting in sold-out European shows and opening slots for bands […]