The Berlin Club Scene with Veteran Act Terranova

It’s common knowledge today that Berlin’s dance clubs dominate the electronic subculture on a global level. The subculture began in the late ’80s after the fall of the Berlin Wall with dance venues like Ufo and Turbine Rosenheim. Today, clubs like Tresor, Berghain, and Watergate reign among Berlin’s finest. With the growth of the scene has come a new generation of disc jockeys and producers–some of whom have altogether reinvented the art of DJing, trading vinyl records in for iPods and mini control boards, in many ways allowing anyone with good taste and a platform a chance to get a crowd moving.

It’s a rarity to catch one of the original Berlin DJs performing live, such as DJ Fetisch: a man who grew up in Berlin but moved to New York City in his teens after his mother passed away. While in the United States, Fetisch networked his way through the clubs and became widely popular, spinning for popular names like Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Madonna even opened for him once at a New York show.

Fetisch (who, according to Germany’s newspaper Die Welt, literally legally changed his name to Fetisch) now lives in Paris, but travels back to Berlin for producing records and playing occasional gigs. Since the beginning of his career, he’s pioneered other acts such as Lotterboys, Lottergirls and Terranova–a project he is currently working on with Berlin’s head of Keine Musik Records, &Me.

On March 9, Fetisch and &Me released the latest Terranova album, Hotel Amour, at Cookies in Berlin. THE BOMBER JACKET spoke with the two men before the show started:

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