228 Beers for Camden

Boston quartet Camden have made a purposeful start to 2012. In January, they released the two-song EP Getting Around, which was a peppy, pocket-sized sign of things to come. In March, the band made an indie pilgrimage to Austin, Texas for SXSW. THE BOMBER JACKET caught up with Camden a week after their return from festival.

TBJ: How long have Camden been together and where do Camden live?

Camden: We have been together for two years and live in Boston, USA.

Why is Camden called Camden?

There’s a town in New Jersey with the same name that was incorporated as a city on the same day our rhythm guitarist was born.

Have any of you ever been to Camden in London? (Would you like to?)

No. Yes. 

There’s a quote from Branford Marsalis used on Camden’s info page of the band’s FacebookCan you tell us about it?

(The quote is: “‘Many years later,’ the tenor saxophonist Branford Marsalis recalled, ‘a lot of younger musicians were hanging around with Elvin Jones, and they were talking about, ‘Man, you know, you guys had an intensity when you were playing with Coltrane. I mean, what was it like? How do you play with that kind of intensity?’ And Elvin Jones looks at them and says, ‘You gotta be willing to die with the motherfucker.’ They started laughing like kids do, waiting for the punchline, and then they realised he was serious. How many people do you know that are willing to die—period? Die with anybody! And when you listen to those records, that’s exactly what they sound like. I mean that they would die for each other.”)

It’s from a documentary film by Ken Burns called “Jazz.” It’s about how John Coltrane and his fellow musicians played together and we dug the passion of how they played. The quote was an interesting perspective on playing together as a band and it’s something for us to strive for.

How was SXSW for Camden?

We had a really good time. It was a really cool experience for us to be out of our element. We haven’t really toured so much outside of the East of the US, so this was our first time in that region. We were happy to be a part of the Converse party and had a lot of fun doing press and playing shows down there.

How many shows did Camden play? 

Not enough. 

How many shows did Camden see?

Too many, but we especially enjoyed Action Bronson and Riff Raff’s set. None of us got beat up at the A$AP show.

How many beers did Camden drink?


Is it sometimes difficult to get exposure at such a big festival where catching “the next big thing” is such a big deal to everyone? Can it sometimes be a case of “right place, right time” for new bands?

We were really lucky to be a part of the Converse party because they got us a lot of exposure and did a high-quality video of us performing. That helped us get a lot of exposure that we otherwise would not have gotten.

You all played at Great Scott in Boston right after you got back from Austin. How was that?

It felt like being home. Great Scott will always have a place in our heart.

Of the songs on Camden’s Getting Around and Totally Fine EPs, which are Camden’s favorite to play live?  Which get the best crowd reactions?

“Mustangs” is our jam right now. Our next single “Talking About You” has been getting a lot of love.

Where were Camden’s EPs recorded?

In a secret underground studio outside of Boston.

What are Camden’s plans for the future?

We are recording a full length this summer. Touring the world. Win a Grammy. We also have a new 7” that will be coming out mid-Summer.

Who writes the songs?

Camden. We all contribute.



–Joseph Ransom


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