SoundCloud Superheroes #2

Thanks to actor Mat Leonard for letting us use him as our SoundCloud superhero model.

This article is the second of several that is part of “SoundCloud Superheroes,” where our writers discover new artists they like on SoundCloud and share them with our readers. There are really no boundaries…the music just has to be interesting and fresh. We realize this is a huge SoundCloud endorsement. We like SoundCloud, so that is okay with us.

This week we’re presenting three dissimilar acts from Scotland, Malaysia, and the United States.

Fiction Faction

This foursome is an emerging act from Glasgow, Scotland. Fiction Faction has a timeless U.K. sound, worthy of Smiths and Cure comparisons. Today’s scene in Great Britain is titanic with a high turnover rate; many bands try to emulate sounds of the past, oftentimes sounding overzealous with their whiny interpretations. Fiction Faction is an exception that does it right. So far they’ve received lots of journalistic love from the BBC, including a live session with Vic Galloway, and a list spot on Tom Robinson’s Fresh Faves. Their songs are very cleanly produced, with bending bass and stark vocals in the foreground.

So far Fiction Faction has released two singles and an EP since the beginning of 2011, but they have yet to release a full-length album. We’re excited to hear more from the band soon. “Malenky Lizards” is the band’s most popular track.

Joel Yeoh

This guy has a mixed bag of songs, from Christian rock, to gripping film score pieces, to classical beauties. Everyone who thought SoundCloud was for techno DJs is wrong, as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s Joel Yeoh posts the opposing genres of music on the tune-sharing platform. For people who aren’t fans of Christian rock, Yeoh’s classical work is peaceful and pleasant. The one disappointing thing though, is that he only has one purely “classical” track to his name, and it’s the same track that drew us to his SoundCloud profile in the first place. “La Serenata” is a light and lovely classical cover, played by Yeoh and sung by vocalist Michael Kim Min Kyu.

So now that we know Yeoh is a talented pianist, we’re wondering when he will post more songs like “La Serenata”? The track was posted not even a week ago, so perhaps Yeoh has some more classical projects that he hasn’t made public yet.

Nomadic Firs

Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A. houses Ryan Boos, a musically curious and experimental artist. According to his bio, he lives on a farm with a lot of pets, and a wife named Holly. His songs reflect his surroundings; they’re warm and full of layers of light, with their bright, acoustic guitars, crafty samples, and radiant vocals. Boos sounds like he’s been out in the sun, hanging out on his farm all day. His songs coin the descriptive category “luminous, electronic countryside music,” as they lie somewhere between danceable beats and chilled-out, folky tracks for long drives in the South. Boos could be singing about something negative, but no one would ever know because his instrumentation is so positive and glowing. Listen to his most recent, addicting song, “In the Morning,” or check out one of the many remixes of his song “Vines.”


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