Pretty & Nice and US YOU ALL WE

Pretty & Nice Releases EP | Plays Boston and NYC | Fundraises | Commiserates About the Weather

Feeling down now that Summer’s over? Need a little sonic sunshine to get you through the day? Boston’s Pretty & Nice understands. Their energetic new EP, US YOU ALL WE, is just what you need!

The world first heard of P&N back in 2006 when they released their debut LP, Pink & Blue. Several years and a few releases later, P&N is supporting their November 6 EP release for US YOU ALL WE with two blowout shows in New York and Boston and a D.I.Y. pledge drive. Let a little daylight into your autumnal gloom and donate to their cause. They’re offering lots of exclusive trinkets like remixes, videos, clothing, happiness, “or really anything you DESIRE.” Plus 10% of the proceeds will help the folks at charity : water who provides clean drinking water for developing countries.

THE BOMBER JACKET: What can people expect for the New York and Boston shows?

Holden: Well, we’d like for them to be parties more than shows.

Jeremy: Pin the tail on the donkey?

H: We play shows all the time, but we don’t get to put out new records every week!  So bring your party capes!

J: And your dancin’ shoes, and socks!

While the band’s dance-y 2008 full-length Get Young (available for listening/buying on bandcamp) is indebted to the choppy thrashing of  revivalist art-punk and new wave, US YOU ALL WE embraces the potent loud-quiet-loud formula of power pop by pairing tremulous rhythms, cleaner production, and pragmatic synths with acoustic guitar next to Holden Lewis’ and Jeremy Mendicino’s soothing falsettos. The results are spastic, earnest, and a little wistful; a little like James Mercer fronting the New Pornographers.

The four-song EP begins with “Hibernate,” a song lamenting summer’s end: “Do you remember the sun? / Yes we remember the sun,” they declare with the intrinsic regret of unabated climate change accented by swelling, uptempo drums, recursive guitar melodies, and cyclonic keyboards.

What has the process been like recording US YOU ALL WE?

J: Well, typically the first step is a good healthy breakfast! Lots of vitamins, go out get some sun if it happens to be shining…get in a good mood!

H: We had intended to record a couple of these new songs over the course of two weeks, but then it stretched out to about six!

J: Yeah. We like to luxuriate in the studio.

Holden: Get a real studio tan going.

J: Recording these songs was pretty easy breezy. ‘Hibernate,’ for instance, we’ve had kicking around in a sort of piecemeal form for a lot of years, but it presented itself as a perfect song to flesh fully out and include. We kicked the song around on acoustics one day, it came into itself pretty much right away, we recorded a click track and a reference guitar track, I wrote the drums as we were recording it…we work pretty fluidly!

Holden: Some songs seem to record themselves. Others can be more laborious…

J: Or maybe sometimes it’s less clear how the song wants to sound…it can turn into a real esoteric conversation!

In the meantime, the frenzied nostalgia of US YOU ALL WE will get listeners nice & toasty for fall. MTV Hive premiered the song “Capsules” in full today for everyone to hear. And if you’re attending the release shows in November (see the flyer above), don’t forget that party cape…

Dave Zak

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