The Strafing Run Samples A Refreshing Parlormint

Well hello there, dearest readers. Last week I had the pleasure of attending a drag party at the Houseasaurus Co-Op, where a bunch of great bands played. Now I wasn’t in drag, mind you (too beardy) and neither were the bands, but it was a fun, wild party with girls dressed as boys, boys dressed like girls, and many girls not very dressed at all. But your intrepid reporter, always looking for new music, spent some time chatting up the great bands at the show. Parlormint is one of those bands, traveling all the way from New Jersey to play here in little ol’ State College.

A Picture of ParlormintParlormint is a three-piece surfgaze group based in New Jersey. They’ve got a good sound that incorporates elements of multiple genres, as you’ll here in the videos below. They were all super nice, well-spoken guys. We talked about music for a while, drank, had a good time. I asked if they’d be interested in doing an interview, and the kind fellas said “sure.” So I sent them a few questions, got a few answers, and here we are:

THE BOMBER JACKET: So I guess we’ll start with an introduction: Who is in the band, and what do you play?

Jarrett: My names Jarrett and I play bass guitar.

James: James drums.

Chris: Hi, I’m Chris and I play guitar.

Where did the name Parlormint come from?

Jarrett: Smoking weed and staring at cigarette boxes.

Chris: One of those Browntown nights.

How did you get into playing surf rock?

Jarrett: Just played music I thought sounded cool. I guess it’s sort of surf rock.

Chris: I wouldn’t say it’s pure surf rock–more of a concoction of surf, shoegaze, and punk–surfgaze.


Who are some of your favorite bands, surf rock or otherwise?

Jarrett: Santo & Johnny and the Tornados are both really good surf-rock bands that make me feel.

Chris: I’m a really huge Joy Division fan. Also really into Pinkshinyultrablast, My Bloody Valentine, whirr, Diiv, and Pia Fraus. Turnip King too–those kids are fucking rad.

Where do you take your musical inspiration from?

James: The 2 and da 4.

Jarrett: Anything fun but relaxing to listen to.

Chris: It’s a combination of my music taste and taste for life.

Thanks for playing a great show in State College. You’ve played here a few times now. Tell us a little about your State College music experiences.

Jarrett: We played a real shit show at the arts crawl 2012. The bass amp I used was actually a keyboard amp and you couldn’t hear it at all we were also supposed to play outside in this like alleyway thing but it started raining so we had to move the party into the ceramics room…bad vibes, man. But we played a sweet show at Houseasaurus at like 3 the next morning.

Chris: Those were our first two shows we played together, pretty rad day.

Here’s a clip from their Artsfest performance:


How does the audience at the co-op compare to the audiences you’re used to?

James: Co-op plays no games, shit gets crazy. Always eventful.

Jarrett: They’re always really good to us, so we love playing there and are always willing to go back. It’s just so far from us, though.

Chris: Good Vibes.

And here’s one from the most recent Co-Op show:


You guys are based in New Jersey. What’s the N.J. music scene like?

Chris: The music scene in New Jersey, at least where we’re from is all pop-punk and hardcore. We usually don’t play any local shows because of this.

What effect has the new indie music digital environment had on your band?

Jarrett: I love how someone from another country could like our band without us having to do any more than post a song on soundcloud. The Internet has opened a lot of doors for bands some people never would have heard of.

Chris: Definitely a positive.

Have any of you ever been surfing? If so, how did it go?

Jarrett: I have, it was pretty cool. I got up once then I got down.

Chris: I wanted to be a surfer, but my mom wouldn’t let me.

What’s wrong with the youth of today?

Chris: They’ve got all the wrong priorities.

Jarrett: And they watch too much professional wrestling.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do, thanks to being in a band?

Jarrett: Meeting cool people and bands like Turnip King and Party In Alaska.

Chris: Play live music.


What annoying musical trend would you like to see end immediately?

Chris: Defend pop-punk.

What one band would you love to tour with, if possible?

Jarrett: Diiv. They get to leave the country a lot. I’d like to do that.

Chris: I’d love to tour with Pinkshinyultrablast.

What would you most like the readers to know about your band?

James: We’re releasing an LP sometime soon and redoing our EP.

Chris: And we’re not Parliament.



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