Getting Bombed with THE RAW MEN EMPIRE at CMJ

Well, folks, this is our first installment of our CMJ “Getting Bombed with ____” series. Only a few of these video interviews ended up happening, mostly due to how hectic CMJ was, so sit down and soak these babies up. This first interview is with Nadav Lazar from the Israeli band THE RAW MEN EMPIRE. The band was courageous enough to head over to the U.S. for a lengthy tour following their already-extensive tour in Europe. In just three years, the guys have managed to release a few EPs and singles while touring the globe relentlessly, and their first full-length record is finished and due out within the coming months. Lazar says the band’s success all has to do with the guys’ outlook on life and their commitment to their careers; they all really just “want to be musicians,” so they take their work seriously. At the end of the day, their work and dedication has really paid off; the irony in all of it is that the band actually is forming its own type of “empire” across the world, made of fans, bookers, journalists, and friends who all support the band wholeheartedly.

Check out our interview with Mr. Lazar as we slowly succumb to our pumpkin beers at Fontana’s in Manhattan:




  1. che guava says:

    is part 2 audioless?

  2. No, it should work fine, although it wasn’t panned as evenly (left and right) during the upload. We’ll look into it and reupload shortly.

  3. Reee-uploaded!

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