We Made A Compilation (AGAIN)!

You should know by now. Every ten issues will amount to a volume of THE BOMBER JACKET. To celebrate VOLUME #2, we made another compilation featuring many of the musicians we covered from issues 11 through 20. The compilation is completely free! Thank you to all the musicians who provided tracks, and thank you to Marvin Roxas for his amazing curry wurst photo that serves as the compilation’s cover. Mr. Roxas has traveled all over the world and spent a great deal of time in Germany, the home of the famous curry wurst.


Song ▬ Band ▬ Album ▬ Location ▬ Article

1. “Barely Listening” ▬ So Many Dynamos ▬ So Many Dynamos ▬ Missouri, United States ▬ TBJ article with So Many Dynamos
2. “The Punks” ▬ Stephen Steinbrink ▬ I Drew A Picture ▬ Washington, United States ▬ TBJ article with Stephen Steinbrink
3. “On Again, Off Again” ▬ Lemolo ▬ The Kaleidoscope ▬ Washington, United States ▬ TBJ article with Lemolo
4. “Consol Condol” ▬ L’Hereu Escampa ▬ L’Hereu Escampa ▬ Manlleu, Spain ▬ TBJ article with L’Hereu Escampa
5. “Riptide Lore” ▬ Swiss Alps ▬ Swiss Alps ▬ Pennsylvania, United States ▬ TBJ article with Swiss Alps
6. “Amaryllis” ▬ Maquina Supervium ▬ Tomorrow and the Celestial Geometries ▬ New York, United States ▬ TBJ article with Maquina Supervium
7. “Cow” ▬ Regalim ▬ Batxillerat Songs ▬ Gurb, Spain ▬ TBJ article with Regalim
8. “Destructo” ▬ RIBS ▬ Russian Blood ▬ Massachusetts, United States ▬ TBJ article with RIBS
9. “TWO WRONGS” ▬ S ND Y P RL RS ▬ REX Berlin, Germany ▬ TBJ article with S ND Y P RL RS
10. “Everything Happens For No Reason” ▬ Zach Schimpf ▬ Sleeping Missouri, United States ▬ TBJ article with Zach Schimpf
11. “Where Do You Draw the Line” ▬ Lawrence Brown ▬ Unreleased Demos Pennsylvania, United States ▬ TBJ article with Lawrence Brown
12. “Go To Me” ▬ Jordan Klassen ▬ Kindness ▬ Vancouver, Canada ▬ TBJ article with Jordan Klassen
13. “Boris Lancaster” ▬ Sexy Bicycle ▬ The River ▬ Barcelona, Spain ▬ TBJ article with Sexy Bicycle
14. “Cae lo que fuego fue” ▬ Maria Rodés ▬ Sueños Triangular Barcelona, Spain ▬ TBJ article with Maria Rodés
15. “Messy Skyscraper” ▬ Cuss Words ▬ Messy Skyscraper [single] New York, United States ▬ TBJ article with Cuss Words
16. “Windows” ▬ Deathbeforedigital ▬ Deathbeforedigital Pennsylvania, United States ▬ TBJ article with Deathbeforedigital
17. “Aquapark” ▬ Shiko Shiko (シコシコ) ▬ Aquapark ▬ Lille, France ▬ TBJ article with Shiko Shiko (シコシコ)
18. “Wake Up Suzzy” ▬ The Wake Up Suzzys ▬ The Wake Up Suzzys Tel Aviv, Israel ▬ TBJ article with The Wake Up Suzzys
19. “Para·lel” ▬ Univers ▬ Para·lel [single] ▬ Barcelona, Spain ▬ TBJ article with Univers
20. “Do You Realize the Full Meaning of Marriage” ▬ Mr. Hubba & El Mono Inventor ▬ Vida y Muerte Barcelona, Spain ▬ TBJ article with Mr. Hubba & El Mono Inventor
21. “Bubbles In My Blood” ▬ Whale Belly ▬ I Was Once A Bird New York, United States ▬ TBJ article with Whale Belly
22. “No One Here (But Me)” ▬ The Raw Men Empire ▬ Rabbit Stew Tel Aviv, Israel ▬ TBJ article with The Raw Men Empire
23. “Ondine” ▬ Fanny Roz ▬ Prend son souffle et saute!! ▬ Barcelona, Spain/Toulouse, France ▬ TBJ article with Fanny Roz
24. “You’re Out Wasting” ▬ Andy Shauf ▬ The Bearer of Bad News  Regina, Canada ▬ TBJ article with Andy Shauf
25. “Pieza” ▬ Margarita ▬ Explota el Cuerpo Madrid, Spain ▬ TBJ article with Margarita
26. “Thankful” ▬ Atlas Soundtrack ▬ Thankful [single] Pennsylvania, United States ▬ TBJ article with Atlas Soundtrack
27. “No Way Around It (w_ Kit Knows)” ▬ KASHKA ▬ Vichada ▬ Toronto, Canada ▬ TBJ article with KASHKA
28. “Modern Lovers” ▬ KOVAK ▬ Living the Dream ▬ Brighton, United Kingdom ▬ TBJ article with KOVAK

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