Getting Bombed with The Young Evils at CMJ

Troy Nelson and Mackenzie Mercer met while working at West Seattle’s Easy Street record shop. Add Nelson’s former guitar student Cory Hurd and newly joined Michael Lee and Eric Wennberg, and you get The Young Evils: a poppy but edgy quintet that is semi-new to the industry as a whole, although each band member has years of individual experience. The band traveled to New York City in October to play five shows at CMJ Festival, including a party with Andrew WK (mentioned in the interview below).

The Young Evils released their first full-length record, Enchanted Chapel, in summer 2010, and an EP Foreign Spells this past summer. The EP, recorded by New York’s Shane Stoneback, presented a bit more of a darker side to the band, with thicker harmonies and grittier lyrics. The guys are about to record their second LP, scheduled to be released sometime mid-2013.

While interviewing the band, we touched on a story uncovered in an earlier BOMBER JACKET article. Nelson met Seattle’s Tea Cozies at Easy Street once when the band submitted their record to be shelved as a local consignment. Nelson, also a DJ at KEXP, started playing Tea Cozies on the radio and eventually showed up to one of their shows. The meeting spawned a work relationship and Nelson started managing the band; he helped them release a full-length record and introduced them to the talented local producer Eric Blood.

Check out our interview below with The Young Evils at CMJ. We talk about the festival, Andrew WK, Metallica, and more. We have to warn you in advance, you might be forced to laugh a couple times…

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