The Wooden Sky Wraps Up Tour, Preps for New Album

The Wooden Sky during their fall 2012 tour. | Photo by Jeff Stychin

The Canadian band The Wooden Sky formed during lead singer Gavin Gardiner’s college years. They started playing music in 2003 under the name Friday Morning’s Regret before changing their name in 2007 right before the release of their debut album, When Lost at Sea: an intimate acoustic record replete with stripped-down melodies and lyrics.

In 2009 The Wooden Sky released their second full-length album, If I Don’t Come Home, You’ll Know I’m Gone. The record contains a lot more ambient tones, bringing in the sound of a full band. The band’s backing vocalist, Simon Walker, pushes the indie-rock sound with his vocals, supporting Gardiner’s heavier vocal qualities. Gardiner’s and Walker’s duets are beautifully layered between the harmonies of vintage guitars along with a keyboard/synthesizer. The tones of this album are darker than the band’s first release, triggering deeper memories of dreams and lost love.

This year The Wooden Sky released their third album, Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun, where the band explores experimenting with sounds from the past. One album highlight, “Take Me Out” is heavily inspired by the late ’50s rock music of Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. The song has a type of slow-dance feel to it–something one might hear while watching an episode of “Happy Days.” In Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun, the sound is often layered with a dynamic acoustic-electric guitar and violin.

Gavin Gardiner of The Wooden Sky. | Photo by Jeff Stychin

THE BOMBER JACKET recently spoke with Gardiner about the evolution of the band’s sound and their latest North American tour, which they are finishing right now in Canada. Gardiner spoke about touring during what was an eventful period of U.S. history. “We were literally on stage when Obama won, that was pretty cool. We were in New York the night before that and saw lots of trees falling down and some lineups for gas [because of Hurricane Sandy],” Gardiner said.

Despite being tired from touring, The Wooden Sky is still focused and excited to get home and work on their next release. Gardiner went on to explain some ideas for their new record, “I don’t know what it will be, but I’m counting up a list of songs, I have about 25 now. We’ve been talking a lot about the process and we’re going to try and do it a little differently. I want to have 9 or 10 songs done, before we go into the studio. We’ve been talking about making a rock record actually, it seems fun to make one that’s more like a live show.”

It seems as though The Wooden Sky is headed for new horizons as they’re searching for new ways to write and record. Gardiner says of the recording process, “It is a quest for growth and experimentation. There is also a really natural evolution with things too, you can’t do the same thing twice, because that’s just not possible. I can only speak for myself…music is exciting because you can go back but also go forward and you get to take what’s out there and build on it as an artist.”

Their goal is to finish the new album by March, however their timeline is pretty full of more live shows. In fact, after the band finishes their tour of North America, they are heading over to tour Europe for three weeks.

“The only scary thing for me right now is going on another tour. We really are trying our best to work on things. There’s time, you just have to find it–especially on a tour this length. The hard part of being a musician, is you really don’t want to go back and find another job, that’s why we’re touring so much to make money. It’s a difficult thing, because you can’t write music as easy on tour, so it’s a double-edged sword.”


–Jeff Stychin

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