THE BOMBER JACKET is a new media outlet dedicated to bringing quality music journalism to an international audience.

After consistently hearing about how much particular music publications control the lives and success of various indie bands, and after stumbling upon blog after blog that didn’t seem to care about the quality of writing, we decided to start a new website that would attempt to produce fair music journalism.

It’s frustrating that a negative review in a widely read magazine from one unknown writer can determine how difficult it is for an American band to tour in Europe. It’s also frustrating that many blogs report what other blogs report; there seems to be little effort involved and much of it is merely following trends.

TBJ is a place where fellow writers work against these commonalities while publishing reviews, interviews, essays, and profiles about the music we love. Every piece published will be well researched. We will not rank artists, but rather, we will try to explain what it is that makes an artist either adored or reviled.

Another goal of the website is to have writers in different countries contribute so that we can publish articles about smaller, local acts that otherwise would not necessarily have a chance to get international press. So then at the same time, people who want to read up about Canada’s Diamond Rings will also be able to read about a band in Barcelona called Za!. This will also hopefully assist in the spread of music from one country to another–something that is pretty brilliant about the world we live in today.

Lastly, the name of the website comes from the notions of well-made products and high-quality care.  A bomber jacket is a timeless item of clothing that spans countries and generations. Superior journalism should also maintain itself over time–it shouldn’t be something short and trite, but something novel and lasting.

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