Yale, Massachusetts Keeps Pop-Punk Positive

It’s a scary thought, but most people who grew up on the early Vagrant and Drive-Thru Records discographies are now in their mid- to late-20s. Some of those people have turned their backs on pop-punk for hipper pastures, returning only due to occasional bouts of nostalgia, but others remain faithful to the genre that first […]

The Strafing Run: “Painfully Unhip”

Well Helllllllo there… I see you like music. Wow dawg, me too. You like good music? Yeah man, me too. So what’s good? The eternal question. Spend 100s of hours searching the corners of the interwebs for great music like I have, and you’ll still have a hard time answering that question. There has never […]

Who is Drew Danburry?

Drew Danburry has been called a lot of things in his life: skater, beard-grower, Ryan Gosling lookalike, but complacent with stagnation isn’t one of them. I’d call him persistent. If he is one thing, he is persistent in his quest to find true happiness. I spoke with Drew on the phone; he was driving home […]

Sharon Van Etten’s Beautiful Tramp

Change is usually a good thing in the arts. Some artists contend they plan to move in new directions with their music and say things like, “The next album is going to be a lot more mellow,” or, “I want to get away from the ‘cutesy’ stereotype of my work.” Some artists succeed with such […]

Into the Mind of A Composer: A Talk with Berlin’s Moritz Krämer

Moritz Krämer: A quiet, modest musician based out of the heart of Berlin’s culturally rich neighborhood, Kreuzberg. Krämer walks through life’s everyday moments in his songs, embellishing the difficult and beautiful times of relationships with poetic ease. He’s a German who writes and sings German text that’s absolutely saturated with raw emotion, enabling him to […]

Za! Becomes Post World Leaders


Za! is an insane hodgepodge of experimental music which includes base elements of heavy droning guitar, weird vocal loops, and styles lifted from every corner of the world. The duo tries to emulate and make fun of everything they like, from jazz to Japanese manga soundtracks to traditional Portuguese guitar to video game sound bytes […]

Big Nils Gets Not So Serious

Coco Moore, Lilly Daiber, Zoe Wardlaw, and Sen Morimoto. Together, the four under-21s form a chopped-up and edgy punk-rock group called Big Nils. Yes, Coco Moore is Thurston Moore’s daughter. No, she does not want to talk about her feelings regarding the media’s coverage of her parents’ recent split. Big Nils started playing music together as […]

The Psychotherapeutic Songwriter, William Fitzsimmons

Former psychotherapist William Fitzsimmons is known for creating musical lightness out of darkness. His soft and delicate songs are full of deep, personal moments that expose an introspective young musician genuinely in search of a meaningful life. There are no topics of conversation that Fitzsimmons ignores in his songs; each personal moment is taken apart […]

Portland’s Shy Girls

Dan Vidmar is one of the young, sparkling-eyed 20-somethings who moved out West after college to trade in his small-town East Coast lifestyle for a more liberal and laid back perspective in Portland, Oregon. He’s a part-time employee at one of Portland’s emergency rooms during the day, and by night he works at a new […]