THE BOMBER JACKET has a core group of writers from the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. If you would like to contact us for whatever reason, please email us at the addresses below.

Alongside our love for good music journalism, TBJ also does booking and PR. For the last several years we’ve booked international concerts under various names until now, when it is all coming together for the purpose of this website. We also run PR campaigns for musicians looking for press in Europe. Please get in touch if you have questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

THE BOMBER JACKET is a rotating cast of characters including:
Jen Brown – Founder/Editor (specialty, Germany) –
Lee Stepien – Head Contributor (specialty, Spain) –
Rob Egan – Head Contributor – (specialty, State College, Pennsylvania)
Jason Sylvester – Contributor (specialty, Canada) –
Neil Mach – Contributor (specialty, United Kingdom)
Laurie Havelock – Contributor (specialty, United Kingdom)
With additional articles from: Josh Bala, Tyler Bussey, Devin Daniels, Drew Fortune, Tim Gilman, Elisabeth Hergt, Tara Jayakar, Mike Joyce, Debbi Katona, Rick Knowlton, Zoe Kool, Monika Lauch, Louisa Potthast, Joseph Ransom, Morgan Rotondi, Hallie Santo, Matt Schonfeld, Paul Senker, Samuel Sklar, Brandon White, Meike Winter, and Dave Zak.


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