Stories From A Canadian Musician In Germany

Traveling outside of Canada can be a bit overwhelming, especially for a Canadian musician who has never left his Continent before. But all it took was one click on the Lufthansa website and I was on my way. Oktoberfest was almost over and I was told that if I missed this Bavarian festival I would […]

Western America in Germany with Digger Barnes

There are classic attributes assigned to the “Western” genre in entertainment. Western-themed television shows, movies, and art all tell stories of the 19th century and America’s raw beginnings, replete with war, financial struggle, sickness, and everyday life on the range. With any good era and its treasured artifacts, it is generally frowned upon when individuals […]

Youthful, Fresh Pop from Hamburg

Germany’s music scene doesn’t only consist of Rammstein and Tokio Hotel–there is also a reputable indie music scene. Hamburg-based newcomer-band In Golden Tears is one of the most current examples. They’re a youthful, poppy dance band that’s very in-tune with the modern world of music, resulting in sold-out European shows and opening slots for bands […]