Drumming in the Garage with Neal Morgan

I saw Neal Morgan play a show in Dresden, Germany last fall. He opened for and played with Bill Callahan at an old concert hall in the outskirts of the city. I went to the show last minute and until that night, I was unaware that Morgan often played and toured with Callahan. Morgan’s drum-intense, […]

Story Time with The Golden Bears

Out of the magical woods of Portland, Oregon emerges the band The Golden Bears: An act led by Seth Lorinczi and Julianna Bright. The band’s second full-length album Write It Like You Find It (Jealous Butcher Records) is a collection of songs dedicated to the couple’s newborn daughter. The album is a new approach to […]

Barna Howard’s Time Machine

A few years ago, there was a secret attic space in an old house on a rough street in the Boston neighborhood of Allston, Massachusetts. Well, the attic is still there, but its musical magic isn’t. The old house on 84 Allston Street used to host monthly musical gatherings referred to as “hootenannies.” The small, […]

Spitzer Space Telescope Invents His Own Video Language

Dan MacDonald masquerades around the US as Spitzer Space Telescope. He’s an artist born in the Midwest, but he went to school in Boston and currently lives in Portland. For 2012, the one-of-a-kind folk singer has come up with a creative (one might even say revolutionary) new way to present his music. The Telescope’s first full-length […]

Portland’s Shy Girls

Dan Vidmar is one of the young, sparkling-eyed 20-somethings who moved out West after college to trade in his small-town East Coast lifestyle for a more liberal and laid back perspective in Portland, Oregon. He’s a part-time employee at one of Portland’s emergency rooms during the day, and by night he works at a new […]